Resources For Elementary Teachers & Parents

Resources For Elementary Teachers & Parents

Children’s Mathematical Learning (CML) was originally designed as a supplement for elementary mathematics education courses including content, methods, and graduate courses. However, parents have also found the materials beneficial. The books and the CML project is based on the premise that knowledge of how children learn mathematics will enhance students learning of mathematics, make math more meaningful, and will enhance teachers ability to teach math to children.

CML Videos

These short video clips, organized below by grade level, show how children engaged in mathematics and answering questions about their thinking. These videos are designed to give parents and teachers a better understanding of how children learn mathematics.

Download Our Free Book Full of Mathematical Learning Methods

The CML book is designed to be used as a supplement in mathematics content, mathematics methods, and graduate mathematics education courses for elementary teachers. The CML book is unique in that it focuses on how children learn mathematics. It also includes every Common Core Mathematics Standard for grades K-6 in the context of how children learn mathematics.

Both the CML Videos and the CML book can be used as stand-alone resources or in concert to supplement your mathematics content or methods courses! The videos are also a great resource for professional development.